What is GB-X?

GB - X is an online platform used by students, academics and staff to measure and understand the structure and level of students' social competences. It is a tool for measuring social skills.


    Improvement of students' motivation and involvement level within the study process.


    Creating an individual social skills profile for each student.


    Development of a personalized guide for each student to improve their skills, which is in line with the requirements of the labor market.


    Development of critical thinking throughout the higher education study process.

What does GB - X resolve?


The high drop-out rate (30% on average according to OECD 2017) is a relatively recent problem, due to the huge amount of higher education and the difficulties faced by institutions in serving students individually.

In the United Kingdom, for example, the problem of early school leaving costs the industry more than £ 1.3 billion in lost annual fee income. According to the latest OECD statistics, the number of withdrawals in the case of Latvia exceeds 50%.


In recent years, many countries have adapted their education systems to offer social skills competences to future generations. For example, in Latvia, the government has recently launched the School 2030 program, which focuses on competence development.

Several studies show that 'on-the-job training' is the best way to acquire 'soft' skills. In fact, "learning in the workplace" is considered to be the most useful and marketed method. The problem is that 'on-the-job training' is particularly expensive, given the individual approach it requires.

What is the target audience?

GB - X is at first intended for the higher education market and is expected to continue to do so in the future. The total size of the education market is expected to be $ 10 trillion in 2030 - in 2000 it was only 2.8 trillion. In recent years, the range of services offered to universities has expanded to include not only the development of formal online programs, marketing, but also certified short courses and non-formal education programs. GB - X will help both to collect data on students' social skills and to measure their growth using all the possibilities it offers.

Benefits of GB - X?


    Systematic presentation of student profile and progress to students and faculty on changes in student social skills profile.


    An effective way to collect data on student activities (both study and extracurricular activities) that will require minimal manual data entry.


    Offers the opportunity to personalize support for the development of soft skills and critical thinking. It will provide regular communications to the student, university academic and administrative staff on the student's needs.


    The platform will provide a flexible, integrated and independent learning experience: it will allow individual development goals to be set and integrated into the learning process.

The team

  • Airisa Šteinberga Project scientific manager

    Dr.psych., RTU Institute of Humanities, Associate Professor and Director.

  • Claudio Andres Rivera The senior expert

    Ph D. associate professor under the leadership of RTU Riga Business School, founder of the association Go Beyond

  • Laura Orliņa Expert

    Bachelor of Mathematics - Statistics, University of Latvia, head of the society Go Beyond 2019 and 2020

  • Roberts Nils Šteinbergs Assistant

    University of Latvia student in education work management

  • Eerik Muuli Data Engineer STACC

    Building data pipelines. Automating as much as possible, including infrastructure. Also doing full stack development.